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The Doctor and Rose Forever
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Doctor Who Fic-a-thon where The Doctor and Rose are brought together, one episode at a time.
This community is the home base for the Doctor Who "Time in Flux" Fic-a-thon. The premise of this fic-a-thon is to get the Doctor and Rose together as a couple in every episode of the series. Each interested author will be assigned an episode to rewrite/rework with this goal in mind. We will start with Series One and Two. Then, if there is still interest, we will move on to Series three and four (which will be more challenging). See FAQ for more details.

The idea for this fic-a-thon comes from a similar fic-a-thon within the Gilmore Girls fandom.

Special thanks to alizarin_skies for creating the header and icons for this community and for her general awesomeness.